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Sanford has a unique collaboration and strategic investment in ISAR Klinikum (ISAR) located in Munich, Germany, to provide access to standardized stem cell therapy treatments that are not currently available in the United States.

Your stem cell therapy at ISAR could lead to healing your damaged tissue or organs and alleviating your pain. From knee to hip and shoulder injuries to cosmetic procedures, you now have another option in care from a reputable stem cell therapy physician.

You can have access to the next generation of treatments and cures, all while enjoying the high level of service you deserve.

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Patient Experience

  • 1

    You meet with your subspecialist in orthopedics or plastics to discuss if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy in Germany.

  • 2

    You are recognized as a candidate, options are discussed and you decide to receive treatment.

  • 3

    Sanford coordinates with ISAR a personalized treatment plan and a cost estimate.

  • 4

    Sanford organizes your trip and schedule once you arrive in Germany (flight, hotel, and medical treatment).

  • 5

    We arrange for your pick up at the Munich airport and take you to your hotel.

  • 6

    Check in at ISAR for your procedure.

  • 7

    Fat is removed from your abdomen via liposuction and stem cells are immediately isolated from fat.

  • 8

    Soon after, those same stem cells are then injected where they are needed in your body.

  • 9

    Your treatment is complete in one day and then you are free to go as soon as the physician clears you.

  • 10

    We arrange to take you to the Munich airport for your return home.

  • 11

    You will receive follow-up care with your local provider back in the US.


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