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Sanford is working with ISAR Klinikum, a modern, highly regarded hospital in the heart of Munich, Germany, to offer adipose stem cell therapy to patients.  In Europe, this therapy is a standard treatment option and is available for patients with orthopedic and sports injuries, chronic neck and back pain and non-healing wounds. 

Sanford offers concierge services to Germany for treatment, with follow-up care offered at Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine locations.

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Germany Location

Please explore Sanford’s facility list below:

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Patient Experience

  • 1

    You meet with your Sanford subspecialist in orthopedics, neurology or plastics to discuss if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy in Germany.

  • 2

    You are recognized as a candidate, options are discussed and you decide to recieve treatment.

  • 3

    You are Referred to Sanford.

  • 4

    Sanford coordinates a personalized treatment plan and a cost estimate.

  • 5

    Sanford organizes your complete itinerary (flight, hotel, transportation, medical treatment, etc…)

  • 6

    You are picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel in Munich.

  • 7

    Check in at ISAR and meet with your performing physician for preoperative consultation.

  • 8

    The following day, your treatment is performed using localized anesthesia and typically takes 4-6 hours for the complete process.


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