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China Story

In 2014, Sanford entered the Chinese health care market through a partnership with Calmette International Hospital in Kunming. Sanford assumed management of the service delivery for all pediatric outpatient care in the hospital. The clinic has seen tremendous growth in patient volumes and key quality measures by leveraging Sanford’s vast global experience in primary care. Calmette International Hospital is also working with Sanford to establish a personalized health management center for VIPs in Kunming.

Sanford is evaluating other business opportunities throughout China and is interested in expanding their services to new geographies.

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China Building for Sanford

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China Location

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Map is Sanford World Clinics in China

China Map


Careers in China

Sanford recruits top talent globally.  We offer competitive U.S. salaries and assist on work permits and visas.  Please apply below.

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Director - World Clinic

Oversees all performance related to the operational, clinical and business functions of all established Sanford World Clinics. Maintains consistent site policies, and procedures and assures compliance with regulatory agencies. Click to view full job description.


Clinical Care Leader Ambulatory

The Registered Nurse is responsible for utilizing the nursing process (assessment, diagnosis, outcomes/planning, implementation & evaluation) to provide individualized nursing care to designated area. Click to view full job description.